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Our prices & services

Our services and prices at a glance.
As you can see, we offer you a wide range of services at really good conditions.
Of course, discretion is always important to us.


incl. cutting complete price with gluing and everything

from 595€

Separate ArbeitsbereicheSeparate work areas

Our store has two separate work areas, which means we can protect your privacy in the best possible way.


incl. washing, for men


EinzeltermineIndividual appointments

We only offer individual appointments, which are carried out in a pleasant atmosphere and very discreetly.

Pflege komplettComplete care

Haircutting, bonding and everything

from 145€

Telefonische Beratung oder WhatsAppTelephone consultation or WhatsApp

Our service is free of charge for you on: 0171 50 300 15

If you have any questions about the product or anything to do with hair replacement, we will be happy to advise you free of charge!!! WhatsApp me

Zuschnitt FremdteilCutting of external part

Complete price with gluing and everything


Kostenlose Haarberatung HaarsprechstundeFree hair consultation Hair consultation

Hair consultation, hair advice and the associated hair analysis are free of charge.

Reparaturen und KnüpfarbeitenRepairs and knotting work

from 48€ /hour.

Alle namhaften HerstellerAll well-known manufacturers

We are not tied to one manufacturer and can therefore offer our customers the best product for them.

MaßarbeitenCustomized work

Prices according to effort.

Keine VertragsbindungNo contractual commitment

We refrain from any contractual obligations. Every customer can decide for themselves whether they want to use our service once or on an ongoing basis.

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Neues Jahres AboNew annual subscription

From now on we also offer our customers a 1-year contract.

This subscription costs €125 per month and includes
the following services for one year:

  • 2 x new hairpiece incl. cutting complete with everything
  • 4 x care complete with everything


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